Medical Center Fined for HIPPA Breach by Former Employee

            In a article it was reported that a fine of $15,000 was charged to the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) due to a confidentiality breach.  This breach involved 3,403 patients and was reported immediately upon becoming known by URMC as required by HIPAA.  The breach happened last spring when a former employee of URMC shared patient records with an independent provider, Greater Rochester Neurology.  A list of patient names, addresses, and diagnosis that she requested was to be used to keep continuity of care since the employee was leaving URMC.  Patients discovered this breach when they received literature from Greater Rochester Technology and contacted URMC to find out what was going on.  URMC reported the incident to the states attorney and sent letters to patients explaining the situation.  Reassurance was provided from Greater Rochester Neurology stating that all of the patient information was either deleted or returned.  Along with the fine URMC was advised to provide staff training in HIPPA policies and procedures.  Since the incident URMC has applied specific procedures for employees to follow when handling patient information in the event that they are leaving or joining the practice.           


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