Ohio Hospitals Reduce Sepsis Mortality

Ohio Hospitals Reduce Sepsis Mortality

        Sepsis can be costly, whether it is in regards to the lives that it takes, or monetary costs.  Hospitals throughout Ohio though are working hard to reduce those costs.  In 2015 the Ohio Hospitals Association (OHA) began a campaign called Surviving Sepsis to battle the life threatening infection.  According to an article in so far they have lowered costs by more than 13% and have saved over 1,000 lives.  The campaign provides quarterly progress reports, monthly education based on newly found evidence, and coaching at no cost.  Sepsis is more commonly to begin outside the hospital walls, and is hard to recognize until it is too late. For these reasons the campaign has also raised awareness with providers of continuum care from EMTs to home health providers, as well as hospital ERs and long-term care facilities.           


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