Study Shows Infection Control for Bloodborne Pathogens Deficient


     A survey study was conducted by Northwell Health System, to find compliance ratings with the standards of precautions in regards to BBP.  116 nurses were asked questions pertaining to their knowledge of the transmission, treatment, disease progression, and exposure risks of BBP, based on the nine standards: regard all patients as possibly contagious, do not put foreign objects on hands, wear gloves when it is expected hands could be exposed to bodily fluids, wash hands after removing gloves, wash hands after providing care, wear a face mask when exposure to air-transmitted pathogens is expected, do not recap needles, do not dismantle a used needle from a syringe, dispose of used sharp materials in a sharps container. More specifically, the two diseases studied were Staphylococcus, and HCV, chosen because of the high percentage of infected people worldwide.  This study applied the Health Belief Model which states that an individual will perform the recommended health action if he or she knows that it will help avoid a negative health condition and that the health condition will have at least a minor threat to his or her life.  This study was based on self-reporting, therefore the findings of how complaint one was is most likely lower than what was actually found.  The results showed that 26% of nurses could not correctly identify the transmission of HCV, 14% believed it causes early death, 12% were not aware that virus antibodies could be present with no infection, and 11% did not know multiple genotypes exist.  The authors concluded that by understanding why there is noncompliance, we could eliminate it and then prevent it going forward, and further research on this topic would be a great benefit.


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