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Serving New York for more than 20 years, BioServ knows NY medical waste regulations inside and out. Our customers span a variety of industries and practice sizes—but for all of them, a reliable hazardous waste service is crucial for keeping business running smoothly. That’s why we designed our medical waste disposal services to be completely hassle-free, with automatic & on-call pickup options, flexible scheduling, and affordable, upfront pricing. Whether you generate large volumes or require medical waste services with specialized handling, we can handle your most complex needs.

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Medical Waste Services Offered in NY

Pharmaceutical Contamination in New York's Waters

In the past, both consumers and medical facilities flushed their unwanted pharmaceuticals. However, wastewater treatment plants are not capable of filtering all medications–and as a result, low levels of many medications have been found in 80% of New York's rivers and streams. Continuous exposure to low levels of medications causes behavioral and physical changes in fish and other aquatic wildlife, and can contribute to the development of drug-resistant bacteria.

To combat this, some facilities dispose of medication in their medical waste collection containers, but this is not a more environmentally friendly method. Medical waste is typically autoclaved–a process which does not treat pharmaceutical waste. It is then shredded and sent to a landfill, where the medications can leach into the groundwater.

The only truly acceptable means of pharmaceutical destruction is incineration. BioServ has addressed this with a simple, cost-effective pharmaceutical waste management program, which guarantees 100% regulatory and environmental compliance for your facility. One of our experts will help you determine what type of pharmaceutical waste you have and then set you up with a management plan that fits your needs.


Other NY Medical Waste Regulations


BioServ has always been great at disposing of our medical waste.

Very knowledgeable and courteous staff.

They give us peace of mind knowing that they are here to support our center.

BioServ provides stellar, reliable customer service with straightforward pricing and no hidden fees!

We are celebrating year 5 and BioServ has been with us every year providing us with top notch reliable service and peace of mind!

BioServ has provided Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Waste Management services as well as OSHA education and training at five ASCs with which I have been affiliated. I would highly recommend working with them.

BioServ are there when you need them without all the costly fees like other companies. I would recommend them to any company that would use medical waste management

We switched to BioServ a year ago and what a difference, our bills went down and the service went up!

The BioServ team is a pleasure to work with – very responsive to all our needs, whether it pertains to a service request or a simple question about an item on our invoice.

It is great to know that the BioServ team is only a phone call away! We always get great pricing and exceptional service!

We value the diversity of services they offer and have utilized their support of biomedical waste, expired chemicals and most recently, their ShredSmart on-site document destruction services.

BioServ is very responsive to our needs, cost effective, efficient and cordial when coming into the facility, on the phone, or by email.

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