SDS Management FAQs

What can I do in the SDS section of the compliance portal?

BioServ's SDS management system allows you to search, print, and organize all of your SDSs to remain in compliance.

Search through millions of SDSs in just seconds to find the ones you need. You can save, categorize and print the selected SDS, and add notes to any saved SDS.

Can't find what you need? You can also request or upload an SDS not found in our library.

How do I find the SDS I am looking for?

To find an SDS, first type your search words into the search box and then click the orange search button. (For a more advanced search, select "More" to specify manufacturer, product, and additional keywords.)

A list of SDSs that contain your search word(s) will appear (max. 500 results). Scroll through this list until you find the SDS you are searching for.

Click on any listed SDS, and it will appear on the right side of the portal, allowing you to scroll through it. If this is the SDS you were searching for, you can now print it and/or add it to your SDSs.

How do I print an SDS?

You can print any SDS that is displayed on your screen. Click on Print, located above the SDS you are viewing. This will open your browser's printing options.

Can I print lists of SDSs?

To print a list of all your SDSs, view the SDS list and click Print My SDS List located underneath it. This will open your browser's printing functions, and will generate an inventory list of all your saved SDSs.

To view and print a list of just one department or location, select Change next to "All Departments" (when first viewing your SDSs). You can then select which location you would like to view from a list. Under this list, select Print My SDS List to print an inventory list for just the location you've selected.

How do I save an SDS?

You can save any SDS that is displayed on your screen. Click on Add to My SDS, located above the SDS you selected. (If you have created multiple locations, you will be able to select which location(s) to add the SDS to.)

Check the box next to the location you want to save the SDS to. A check mark will indicate that the SDS has been added to that location. After you have made your selections, click Done.

How do I find an SDS that I have saved?

To view a saved SDS, click the My SDS's tab located in the SDS section. A list of all the SDSs you have saved will be located on the left side of the screen. Click on any SDS in the list to view it.

Search By Keyword: You can also search for any SDS that you have saved to the library by typing search words into the search text box, which will search only within your saved SDSs.

Search By Department: To search for a saved SDS by department, click Change located next to "All Departments" (above the list of SDSs) and click on the department you wish to view. Only the SDSs you have saved to that department will then be displayed.

How do I add notes to an SDS?

You can add notes to any SDS which you have saved. Select Notes above any SDS you are viewing. A text box will appear; type the notes you would like to keep with that SDS. Click Save at the bottom of the text box when you have finished.

Who can see the notes I have added to an SDS?

Notes are visible to anyone in your company who has access to the SDSs.

Your notes can be accessed using the notes symbol that appears underneath any SDS you have added a note to. (If you have just added a new note, you will need to refresh the page to see this symbol.)

What if I cannot find the SDS I need?

You can request an SDS under the Request a Missing SDS tab. You may request up to 3 SDSs at once. Ensure that you are filling in the correct information in each text box, including the complete company and product name. Be sure to include your contact information with name, email, phone and any comments you may have. Click Request SDS to submit; Compliance Publishing will process the request.

You can also upload your own SDS. At the top of the Request page, select Upload An SDS. Click Upload and then choose a file (must be in PDF format). Click Submit SDS to upload your file to our general library. After it is submitted, select Done.


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